Update on Wedding Plans

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding- Update on Wedding Plans

Hello, everyone! Some of you may have noticed that I took a step back for a few months from planning the wedding because I got really stressed. I did want to give you an update on wedding plans since I’ve gotten a lot done since we last spoke.

Update on Wedding Plans

If you’ve been paying attention since the beginning, then you’ll want to see updates! I’ll put them all here!

Update on Wedding Plans!
In general:

I’ve been able to plan everything for the most part. There comes a point in all of my wedding planning, even when planning weddings for my other wonderful couples, that I start confirming everything. I’ve reached that point and it’s been the most stressful part for me! I’m working on my meditation when planning this important day!

What I’ve learned:

I will definitely be more sympathetic to my couples who get stressed out or worry about small things. Never did I think that their concerns were too small, but now that I am going through it, I’ll address concerns quickly and nicely.


Oh, the invitations. The bane of this wedding’s existence. All of the invites to our family and friends in the states have gone out. We’re in the process of handing out the invites for the people who live on the island. We’ve only gotten a few back. Since I’ve never experienced this part of it, I’m getting pretty impatient. Do people normally wait until the RSVP date to RSVP? AHHH!!

The Venue:

So far, aside from the wedding party, the venue is the only decisions I’ve made that I’m sure about. We’re having our wedding at Lindquist Beach, then moving to the pool bar at The Elysian to have our cocktail reception, then we’ll walk to the reception on the lawn of Cowpet Bay. After this, we’ll just hang out in the water!

And the elusive dress:

There has been a lot of questions about the dress and how it’s coming. I’ve posted 2 blogs about this dress (Blog 1, Blog 2). I don’t want to give it away as yet. Just know that the dress is done. And I LOVE it.

Other: Update on Wedding Plans-

Tomorrow, I will have my hair and makeup trial run. Then, my lovely fiance and I will do our engagement photos. You can bet that I’ll be blogging both experiences! I’m pretty excited!

When Tim proposed to me, I didn’t know what it was really like to plan my own wedding. I’m almost wishing I had hired someone to plan all of this for me. I WILL have someone there for my wedding day. I’m not doing this on my own!



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