Wedding Proposal

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding- The Proposal

Hi! Welcome back to A Wedding Planner’s Wedding, where we will go over every aspect of planning a wedding in St. Thomas! Remember: If there’s something that you want to see that you don’t see, please let me know! The proposal story is in the spotlight today!

So, we’ve been together for almost 7 years. One day, the topic of marriage came up and we decided we would make the plunge. We took a short personal leave from the island back to Georgia. While we were there, he purchased a ring that we customized and built together. That experience was pretty fantastic. I had a lot of fun being in the process of choosing a ring. It was BEAUTIFUL! When we got it back, I tried it on. It fit perfectly. It looked so pretty on my hand. It was love at first sight. (True love DOES exist!)

It was snatched away quicker than I would have liked. He said he wanted to actually do a real proposal; he wanted it to be some aspect of a surprise. I was devastated. He took it and I didn’t know where it was! Thoughts went through my head on a daily basis: “Is he taking care of it?” “He’s lost it, hasn’t he?” “He forgot about it.” I never looked for it, because I’m not that kind of girl… Okay! I looked once. I felt terrible, but don’t worry! I didn’t find it!

We had already chosen a date (A post for another day), so I told him that he had to at least give me 6 months. He never agreed to that out loud, but as a wedding planner, I know I need 6 months to pull this together.

We went on vacation in Pittsburgh/Philadelphia/New York. We would be returning from vacation with only 2 weeks from my non-existent deadline. I thought he would do it on vacation, since he didn’t do it on my birthday, which had just passed. At the beginning of the vacation in Pittsburgh, we had a conversation that went something like this:

Tim: We should just get married in a courthouse while we’re here.
Me: But I don’t have your wedding band here!
Tim: That’s right; we don’t have any rings.

I was so sad! The ring wasn’t with us!

We went on with our vacation…

Pittsburgh was great! Philadelphia was fun! New York was AWESOME! Have you had the food? Wow! I had never been to New York before and didn’t expect to like it, but it was incredible!

Vacation Proposal
Selfie at Washington Square Park


In New York, we really didn’t make plans. We just walked around, toured all the places you must see while you’re there, etc. Central Park was one of my must-see places. We went there. There were horses and buggies everywhere! I love horses! I stopped to pet pretty much everyone lined up on the sidewalk. We came across this horse which was donned in purple, my favorite color. I happened to also be wearing purple that day. Tim decided we would go on a carriage ride, that is, if I ever stopped petting the horse. People were trying to steal this ride, so I hurried to the buggy. We’re on our way through Central Park, and I’m talking about something stupid, like, “If I were rich, this is how I would get around NYC all the time.” Cue princess waving to the passing people.

I turn to see Tim on one knee with my ring! Together at last! He told me how much he loved me and said he wanted to spend the rest of our lives married. Oh man, of course, I said yes, and now we’re engaged!

Wedding Proposal

Tune in next week for the choosing of the date!

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