A Wedding Planner’s Wedding- Choosing My Date

Hello and welcome to this week’s A Wedding Planner’s Wedding installment, Choosing the wedding date! Today, you’ll learn the story behind my wedding date, as well as some tips on how to make this crucial decision in your wedding planning process.

We–and when I say we, I mean I– chose April 1st, 2017 for our wedding date. Here’s why: First, a little bit of a back-story. Tim and I met and started “talking” around the beginning of the year, the year that we met. There was lots of “playing the game” from both of us. We both also had people in town around that time. Finally, we were able to get together an have our first REAL date, the day my mom left on April 9th. The next year, the date–which I knew, and of course he didn’t know–was coming up. Here was the conversation:

Me: Our one-year anniversary is coming up!
Tim: What day is it?
Me: April 9th.
Tim: Can we make it April 1st?

And we did. And for 7 years, we’ve celebrated our anniversary on April 1st. His reasoning is that it was easier to remember, plus it’s on April Fool’s Day, which goes with our goofy personalities.

Our First Date
Me and Tim on our first date!

He has always said, “If you can stick with me for 7 years, I’ll marry you.” April 1st, 2017 will be our 7th anniversary, and it’s on a Saturday, so it was PERFECT! That is why we(I) chose April 1st for our wedding date.

Now for some helpful tips to get you and your fiance through this part of the planning process:

  1. Look into dates that mean something to both of you such as anniversaries, birthdays, special holidays, etc.
  2. Think of the vision that you have in your head of your wedding. Do you envision a spring wedding? Summer? That’s a great place to start. You’ll narrow it down. My advice: For spring, vendors’ calendars fill up well in advance, so be sure you are ready to put down a deposit ASAP! Another tip: If you want to have your wedding in the US Virgin Islands, choose an off-season date (June-November) to get the best accommodation pricing.
  3. Is there a wedding vendor that you are dying to work with? Check with them to see what they suggest for dates, then narrow down by what they have available.
  4. You have you list of people that MUST be at your wedding. Take them into consideration when planning when to have your wedding.
  5. Consider your honeymoon. Do you plan to go on a honeymoon right after the nuptials? Where are you going? What time of year is best for that part of the world?
  6. Still no date? Check out these cute dates that I got from Spring Events!

Special Wedding Dates

Let me know if you have any questions about how to better plan your wedding date! See you next week with the story of me and my Maid of Honor!

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