A Wedding Planner’s Wedding- My First Planning Mistake!

Hello, and welcome to this week’s installment of A Wedding Planner’s Wedding! Today, we’ll cover my choice of invitations and the biggest planning mistake I’ve made while planning my big day!

Also, please welcome Ashley Agresta–soon-to-be Ashley Haglund–to my blog today. A little bit about Ashley: Ashley lives somewhere on the east coast; I want to say Boston, but I’ve been wrong before. What I do know is that we met on the internet in one of the many Facebook groups that help out and support Wedding Vendors. Ashley owns an invitation company: Ashley Elizabeth Invitations. Here are some photos of some of Ashley’s work!

Nautical Wedding Invitations

Flowered Wedding Invitations


Wedding Invitations

I had initially contacted Ashley to do my invitations because I know she does an amazing job. At the time, I couldn’t find the room in my budget for the estimate that she sent to me. I ended up going with an internet company. Here are the reasons I feel I made a giant mistake by not going with Ashley.

  • The experience was very impersonal. If I had gone with Ashley or another paper vendor, I would have had a more personal experience where the designer of the paper would have known my design and vision.
  • A ton of other people will have my same design. I would rather have had something more unique to my wedding design
  • I couldn’t find anything in my color or theme, so my invites will have nothing to do with my wedding.

Here are my invites! They’re not ugly, but they’re not what I would’ve chosen for my wedding. Also I totally made the biggest planning mistake I hope to make during this process… My wedding is April 1st, 2017. My RSVP says April 1st, 2016! I was mortified when my mom texted me! It’s not the end of the world, but that mistake would never have happened had I gone with Ashley’s company!

Planning Mistake

I asked Ashley a couple of questions about the process of the invitation part of planning. Since I’ve never experienced this part of the planning process with my clients, her words of wisdom will come in handy when planning for YOUR invitations. Check out my interview with her below!

Q. Ideally, how long should you set aside for the design process for your paper?

A. Definitely the earlier the better!! It depends if you will be ordering save the dates or just invitations. Save the dates should go out 6-8 months before (one year if you are having a destination wedding). So I would say as early as 14 months before start researching your Invitation vendor. Invitations should go out 6-8 weeks before so I would start the design process and gathering that information 4-6 months prior!

Q. What are my options as far as paper for the wedding? We know of the invites, RSVPs, thank you cards, Save The Dates, and corresponding envelopes. Is there anything else we should be considering?

A. Accommodation cards, Direction Cards, website card, some people like to do a small registry card,  and for the reception consider place cards,  table numbers, reception signage etc. 

Q. From the time we decide on a design and everything has been proofed, how long does it take for my invitations to be sent?

A. This will depend upon the complexity of the suite. But a standard set would be about two weeks! Allow up to 4 weeks for suites with embellishments, bows burlap etc!

Q. Do you send them to guests? Or do I have to do that?

A. Typically I send them to the bride to be stuffed, mailed out and stamped but I can certainly do that as well (it would just be an up charge)

Q. Why do you feel it’s important to use professionally designed stationary for your wedding?

A. Honestly, I get that some people have different priorities when it comes to their wedding. I, personally, like the WOW factor of a first impression. I always say  what if your two very best friends were both getting married on the same day and one sent a beautifully designed personalized suite and the other just printed theirs off on computer paper or emailed you an invite. Which wedding would you WANT to attend more? How would you choose? They don’t have to be EXPENSIVE to be personalized either.

Also, to put things into perspective, a save the date will hang in your guests’ homes for nearly a year, and longer if you opt for a magnet that they will keep on their fridge. A lot people think invitations are just “thrown” away but the truth is your guest will usually hang on to them for a while.

 Q. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever seen on someone’s non-pro invitations? (You can use my wrong date, if you want!)

A. I’ve seen an invitation that didn’t have a ceremony time 😬 and most recently a response card that went viral that listed “children” under the entrees. Oops!

Q. As far as invitation planning, what is the biggest advice that you can give to brides and grooms starting the process?

A. Always order more than you think you will need!

Create a guest list spreadsheet from the very start of all the guests you want to attend and then narrow it down from there formulating an “A” and “B” list if needed. This list will serve for addressing, your invitation count, shower list, thank yous Etc so keep it up to date! 

If your parents are contributing to the wedding be sure to ask if there is anyone you need to invite for them. Of course it’s your big day, but it’s important for them too. That way you can avoid any hard feelings right from the get-go by discussing in advance. Here are list of 11 tips

I’ve put together a guide that you must read before ordering your invites. Check it out! 

Q. Can we see your invitations?

A. Yes!! Check them out below! These are non-pro pictures. I haven’t gotten them photographed yet. 


There you have it, folks! This is some great advice and information from someone who spends her life making beautiful paper for wedding couples around the US!

Please, let us know any other questions you may have in the comments!

P. S. Today is actually Ashley’s Wedding Day! Everyone join me in wishing her a very happy wedding day! We can’t wait to see your pictures, Ashley!

The next installment of A Wedding Planner’s Wedding is The Wedding Dress!!

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