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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding-The Dress Pt. 2

Hi! Thanks for showing up fo the next installment of A Wedding Planner’s Wedding-The Dress Pt. 2. This week, I’m discussing my advice on how to buy THE DRESS and why I didn’t buy the one that was my favorite dress! We will also find out my plans for finding a wedding dress, and some advice for those of you going wedding dress shopping.

Your wedding dress is an important part of planning your wedding. Think about it. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Wedding? For me, it’s “wedding dress”! Since I was little–like a lot of girls–I’ve always dreamed of getting married one day. For me, the venue was never part of it, the boy was never known. I’m not perfect, I’ll admit I dreamed of [insert handsome guy that changed on a weekly basis] being my groom once or twice, but the point is that part always changed! The thing that didn’t change was the fact that I had on a beautiful white dress and everyone–for one day–looked at me and said how beautiful I was! The wedding dress is a huge symbol of the wedding industry, and that goes for brides and grooms as well as vendors.

Last week, you saw some dresses that I tried on and learned that I DIDN’T choose a dress. I was in New  York for only a week and I didn’t want to make a decision about a dress I wasn’t sure about.

My plan for my dress: I’m going to make my dress. I know; I’m ambitious. I’m not making my dress in the sense that I’m going to go to the fabric store and get a bunch of fabric and magically a dress will appear. I’ll be taking some pieces from different dresses to make a dress that I love. I have basic sewing skills, so Let’s see how this works out! Below, you’ll see what I’m starting with.
Wedding Dress

And now, here are my inspiration photos.

The Wedding Dress Wedding Dress

These dresses were made by some amazingly talented people in Australia. Unfortunately, I cannot justify spending over $2,000 on a dress that I can’t try on prior to the purchase, so I’ll have to do it myself! That said, there may be another blog on my mistakes while planning my wedding!

You will get updated periodically with how the dress is coming. And of course, the final product will happen when you get my photos after the wedding!

Now, while I am moving forward with making my own dress, that may not be the best way for you. At any rate, everyone should have at least one appointment at a dress shop to look at dresses. Here are some of my tips to remember when walking into your appointment:

  • Go in with a budget and stick to that budget. Paisley Bridal was really good at helping me with this.
  • When I went, I forgot to bring a strapless bra. I didn’t need it. Bring whatever you’re comfortable with, but unless you’re bringing everything in your entire underwear drawer, you’ll never be ready to know what you’ll need until you actually purchase a dress.
  • Take someone with you that will be 100% honest about what the dresses look like. Someone who is supportive and who will help you get through it.
  • On that same note, I wouldn’t bring a ton of people; 2-3 people at the most.
  • If you’ve got inspiration–we know you do–bring those photos. The employees at the dress shops are artists! They can see what you want and pair you with it. It’s their whole job! The awesome lady who helped had me try on her first choice and it was my favorite. Trust them!
  • Try on every type of dress, if for no other reason but to rule it out.
  • If you’re like me and you already know how you want your hair, keep that in mind.
  • So, you’ve tried on the dress, you’ve decided that you love it and you’re about to say ‘yes’. WAIT! Can you sit in it? Are you comfortable? Do you still look great?


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