wedding stress

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding-Wedding Stress

Welcome! Today’s installment will go over how I’m dealing with Wedding Stress and how to help you deal with it. Planning a wedding–especially your own–is very stressful, so when planning, you have to make time for yourself and time with your significant other.

wedding stress

The biggest thing that’s stressing me out is my dress. It’s really tough to be on an island where I can’t just go to a store to try on dresses. There are a couple of stores that have dresses, but the selection is just not there. That stresses me out!

For you, it may be your flower choices
stressing you out. It may be the fact that a lot of people have not sent back their RSVPs. Your Great Aunt Patricia may be trying to invite her Great Aunt Sylvia! There are a million things that can stress you out while planning your wedding.

Here is how I’m handling it:

I tend to take a step back anytime I’m stressed. Take a minute to breathe, maybe have a cup of coffee or snack, then come back to it with a fresh mind. This is not a sprint. You do have time to plan this.

Here are some tips on dealing with your wedding stress:

  • Go out with your fiance. Take a day and remember why you’re planning this event in the first place. Both of you can get your minds off the complicated ins and outs of wedding planning and just enjoy one another.
  • Ask your family or wedding party to chip in on some things that you can let go, such as picking up favors, addressing invites, or other menial tasks that you just can’t find yourself handling right now.
  • Do something creative. It’s always a good idea to channel your energy somewhere else, such as painting or creating. This way, your mind can relax from the wedding plans, but still be exercised.
  • Do something mindless. When I’m feeling overloaded and can’t deal with all the things that I am thinking about, I like to do something that I don’t have to think about. My favorite ‘do nothing’ task is watching FRIENDS because I’ve seen it a million times, but it’s still interesting enough that I won’t be bored.
  • Get some exercise. Exercising is always a great way to lower the stress level, and your body will love you for it later! Do some push-ups or some sit-ups, take the dog for a walk, go for a run, do something that stimulates the muscles in your body that aren’t connected to your brain.

This time in your life should be an enjoyable one. You don’t want to look back and only remember how stressed you were the entire time. Take a step back! I’ll be watching FRIENDS!

It’s wedding DRESS, not wedding STRESS!


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