Beaches of St Thomas Magen's

Update on Beaches of St Thomas after the Storms

I’ve had so many people ask me about the beaches of St Thomas after the storms. I’m here to tell you that we’re rebuilding so quickly and my Island of St. Thomas has really bounced back from the craziest hurricane season in the history of the island. We’re doing weddings. We’re doing styled shoots. We are READY! Check out our new hashtag, #VIWeddingStrong throughout all the social media outlets.

My great friend and amazing photographer, Sage Hammond took it upon herself to go to all the popular beaches to check out their progress and damage. I’ve got pictures and I’ve got updates!

Beaches of St Thomas
Limetree Beach

Limetree Beach at Bluebeard’s Beach Club is unfortunately not currently open for weddings. A lot of the sand was taken off the beach from the floods and rain. It’s still absolutely beautiful but will be closed for weddings for the time being. The timeshares are currently closed and they will be rebuilding. There is no determined date to be open at this time. Thankfully, we have so many other beautiful beaches of St Thomas to choose from for your wedding day!

Beaches of St Thomas Limetree

Magen’s Bay Beach

Magen’s Bay Beach is arguably THE most popular beach in the US Virgin Islands. And it’s one of the most popular beaches in the world. Magen’s Bay was practically destroyed during the storms. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Royal Caribbean has donated millions of dollars to plant new trees and clean the beach up. Magen’s is now open and fully functional. This beach is definitely ready for weddings!

Beaches of St Thomas Magen's

Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach, honestly? It looks amazing. Sapphire bounced back quicker than any of the other beaches. It is my humble opinion that Sapphire will be the new star of the show. This beach is fantastic for a lot of reasons. There’s so much room for everything. You can have the wedding and reception here, no problem. I had my wedding reception here!

Beaches of St Thomas Sapphire

Lindquist Beach

Lindquist Beach, as you all know, is where I had my wedding. This beach is–and most likely always will be–my favorite beach. It’s beautiful. There were some downed trees. There was some debris. It has all been cleaned up and it’s as beautiful as ever.

Beaches of St Thomas Lindquist

Secret Harbour

I’ve saved Secret Harbour until last because it is my main beach. Most of my weddings are at this beach. The beach itself still looks great. There was a lot of debris. The sand has shifted a lot. I do know that they are purchasing more sand. The debris has been removed. The holes have been filled. I had a wedding there just a few days ago! They are ready. There was minimal damage to the hotel itself, so as soon as they receive power, they will be back on for taking reservations. It could really be any day now.

Beaches of St Thomas Secret Harbour

The beaches of St Thomas, for the most part, are ready for you! Look out for some more info about beaches of St John!

Big shout out and a huge thank you to Crown Images Photography by Sage for the photos!

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