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Hello everyone and welcome to the actual wedding day installment of A Wedding Planner’s Wedding. The wedding day went well, with only a few snags. The whole day was mostly fantastic! I do have a couple regrets and I’ll explain them below with some beautiful pictures! You’ll also see the amazing vendor team that I worked with to create one of the best days of my life!

The Wedding Day

The day started out pretty hectic. I had to make sure everything was ready to send with my 3 minions, who I hired specifically for the wedding day, so Tim and I didn’t have to do much. we got everyone out the door and on their way to set up for our big day.

The moment I felt the stress melt away was the moment after I checked into the room we were getting ready in, then my wonderful Matron of Honor greeted me with a glass of Veuve Cliquot alongside a sandwich. I finally felt that I could relax. There was nothing else I could do about anything that may have gone wrong at that point.

We got ready, then headed to Lindquist for the vows! We had our first look, which I highly recommend since we got a lot of our photos out of the way and we could spend more time with our guests at the reception.

We then headed into our ceremony, where we tied the knot with some silly vows and promised to love one another for eternity. That shouldn’t be hard. : )

The St. Thomas Wedding Day

After the ceremony and the rest of the photos, we went over to our reception at Sapphire. For those of you paying attention, you’ll notice that the reception was supposed to be at Elysian. I’ll explain in a later post. Stay tuned!

The reception was perfect. You’ll find some of my favorite photos from the day throughout the post! And see below for the amazing vendor team.

The st. thomas wedding day

Awesome Vendors:

  1. Wedding Coordinator/Designer: Irie Matrimony Weddings + Events 
  2. Photographer: Blue Glass Photography
  3. Florist: East End Flower Shop
  4. Hair and Makeup: Sugar & Spice Salon
  5. Officiant: Island Wedding Services
  6. Food and Beverage (Cocktail Hour): St. Thomas Restaurant Group
  7. Food and Beverage (Reception): Janee & Ryan
  8. Videography: DOW Studio
  9. Transportation: Marley Taxi
  10. Cake: Island Sweet Stuff
  11. Desserts: VI Desserts

Thanks to all of them for being a huge help! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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