St Thomas Wedding Reception Details

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding-St Thomas Wedding Reception

I was speaking to a potential client a few days ago, and they were talking about my wedding reception. As I was trying to direct them to the blog where I blogged about my wedding day, I realized that I didn’t include any photos of my St Thomas Wedding Reception. So, I thought I’d write a new blog dedicated to the reception alone.

St Thomas Wedding Reception Sweetheart table

First, I want to tell you how much I regret not hiring a wedding coordinator. I set everything up to be successful, and it was pretty perfect, but there are some minor details–likely only noticed by yours truly–that didn’t make it to their rightful places. IF I ever get married again (I won’t!), I will certainly hire a wedding coordinator, or a Month of Coordinator, for sure.

St Thomas Wedding Reception Details

The reception started with a short cocktail hour at The Beach Bar at Sapphire Beach. I saw it briefly and then things flew from there. Tim and I finished up our photos and joined everyone else with our drinks at the reception, which was settled on the beach at Sapphire.


It was the perfect location for a reception. It was a beautiful day. I really can’t ask for much more for a St Thomas Wedding Reception. We had a ridiculous amount of food and it was delicious. It was catered by our great friends, Janee and Ryan. They rock!

Takeaways: When people tell you that you just need to enjoy the day, because it’ll be gone in a flash, they are not lying. I barely got to eat anything. There were so many people to talk to and so many things to see and do. I wish I had taken a moment to step back and breathe it all in.

St Thomas wedding reception details

Throughout the post, you’ll see some of my favorite photos from our St Thomas Reception.

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