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Lindquist Beach is a popular venue for beachgoers, parties and weddings alike. Today, I’ll tell you all you need to know about Lindquist Beach Weddings.

Lindquist Weddings


You’ll find Lindquist Beach on the east end of St. Thomas, close to Sapphire Beach, Smit Bay Beach and Red Hook. It’s a fairly famous beach. There have been several commercials shot here, such as Hannah Davis’ most recent Direct TV Commercial and some of the Corona commercials. This is where a lot of people want to come when they’re in port on a cruise ship. And why wouldn’t they? With the white sandy beach, the beautiful turquoise waters and the tiny fish swimming around you while you’re floating in the calm sea, it makes for the perfect vacation location.

Lindquist Beach Weddings

You’ll find that one of the Lindquist Beach Weddings will be mine! I’ve chosen this as a venue for my own wedding, so it must be good!

As I mentioned earlier, Lindquist is located on the east end of St. Thomas. The beach faces north. This beach–in my opinion–is best for morning weddings. Being that it is a popular beach among cruise shippers and local alike, it’s better to get there in the early morning, a 9:30 AM wedding is perfect. This is a lovely time to be married in St. Thomas anyway since the water is most bright during the morning hours.

Lindquist Beach Weddings

I prefer doing weddings on the far left side of the beach, but the whole beach is available for a ceremony. A site fee, which goes to the National Park, is required to have an event here. There is also an entrance fee of $5 per person, so keep these extra expenses in mind when booking your wedding at Lindquist. There is a shared calendar between the St. Thomas Wedding Coordinators, so be sure that your planner has booked the beach. This calendar ensures that only one wedding happens at a time on the beach.

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