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Every once in a while, I like to feature vendors that I work with on a regular basis. It’s a fun way to get to know them a bit, especially if you’re coming down for your St. Thomas Wedding! Today, I’m featuring a favorite St Thomas photographer to work with–Sage Hammond of Crown Images PhotographySt Thomas Photographer

Irie Matrimony: How long have you been photographing weddings?

Sage Hammond: I don’t really remember the first wedding I photographed. I started photographing when I was a teenager and went to Fine Arts School majoring in photography. When I first started shooting, I never thought I would be photographing weddings one day. One of my photography friends in New York allowed me to assist at some of her weddings when I knew I would be moving to St. Thomas.

St. Thomas Photography


IM: How long have you been shooting St. Thomas Weddings?

SH: I first moved to the U. S. Virgin Islands in 2006 and soon after, started shooting weddings in St. Thomas and St. John.

St. Thomas Photographer

IM: Where is your favorite place for St. Thomas Weddings and why?

SH: There are so many great places for weddings in St Thomas that I really can’t pick just one. I really love finding new things about a spot that I have shot in many times or that moment the light is just perfect. I love seeing some of the locations on St Thomas in a new way.

St. Thomas Photography

IM: What is the longest wedding you’ve ever photographed?

SH: The longest wedding I’ve shot was 12 hours. It was an Indian Beach wedding and was an entire day celebration!

IM: When booking their St Thomas Photographer, how much do you recommend couples book for their wedding?

SH: The amount of photography coverage is really up to each couple. In one hour of coverage, you can have enough time to have the ceremony covered, group photos, and about 20min of bride and groom photos. Four hours will cover most of your day and six hours of coverage will cover just about every part of your wedding day. Each couple is different and requires different services.

St Thomas Photography

IM: Do you have any advice for couples considering a St. Thomas Wedding?

SH: If you’re considering having your wedding on St Thomas I would recommend just doing it. There are so many amazing locations for different venues and a ton of awesome wedding professionals that specialize in the wedding industry on St Thomas. There is something special about having your wedding on St Thomas and instantly being on your honeymoon.

St. Thomas Photography

IM: What is your best advice for couples who are about to have their wedding?

SH: My advice for a couple would be to take a moment to do some research. Being a photographer, I believe one of your most important parts of your day will be the photography. I would recommend going through a bunch of photos and finding what you like and finding a photographer that matches your style. Here on St, Thomas, we are fortunate to have a bunch of talented photographers to pick from that are all a little different in style.

St. Thomas Photography

IM: Anything else you want to add?

SH: My last bit of advice would be to remember to enjoy your wedding day to it’s fullest. Once you get to your day it’s important to not worry about the little things and let your wedding planner and other vendors take care of everything so you can focus on being at your wedding.

Thanks for all the wonderful insight, Sage! It’s so nice to hear from a St Thomas Photographer with so much positivity and experience!

All photos on this blog are contributed by Sage of weddings Irie Matrimony and Crown Images worked together.

St. Thomas Photography

Enjoy! And if you’re curious about anything else, feel free to ask in the comments!

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