St. Thomas Wedding Meets Indian Wedding

Last year, I had the pleasure of helping two wonderful people plan their beautiful events. This couple was very special to me. Every event I do is extremely important to me, but with Reesha and Sandeep, I connected with them right away. They were so obviously in love and that was shown in the planning.

Traditional Indian weddings go for days. Reesha wanted to limit everything to 2 days of events, so we had the welcome dinner, which included the henna party. The next day, they did all of their private ceremonies, and we had events all day, including brunch, ceremony, ice cream party, cocktail hour and the reception! It was a marathon, but it was worth every second.

For the décor, Reesha wanted each event to have a different feel. On the day of the wedding, all of those events were on one property, but you wouldn’t know it unless you were there. We separated them by using different color schemes for each one; jewel tones for the welcome party, traditional colors for the ceremony, and soft elegant colors for the cocktail hour and reception.

These events will go down in the books as one of my all-time favorite weddings. Here are some of my favorite photos!

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A word from the bride…

Sandeep and I met in college at Indiana University Bloomington. But, we really didn’t notice each other until we randomly met after college when we were both in Indianapolis pursuing postgraduate studies. He tried to throw a party so we could meet again but failed and eventually just asked me on a date. Since then, we have been together four years.

After deciding on a destination wedding, the question was where? We wanted a location that didn’t require passports for travel from the US, since many of our family and friends are international. Secret Harbour was the reason we chose St. Thomas. It’s a beautiful, intimate resort, which was perfect for the small wedding we wanted.

My overall strategy was to plan a wedding that I would want to go to. I wanted everyone to be relaxed and enjoy their time on the beach and island.

The biggest advice I have for brides is HAVE A DESTINATION WEDDING! I am so happy we did! While it requires you to let go of having complete control, it makes planning a wedding so much less stressful.


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  1. Indian weddings are one of the most expensive and most entertaining event which includes different varieties of elements like joy, fashion, culture, tradition, customs, fun, fireworks and showbiz. This means a lot for any wedding couple.

    1. I had so much fun planning this wedding and learning so much about their culture. Of course, it helps that they were an incredible couple.

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