St. Thomas Wedding Day

Comprehensive Guide to your St. Thomas Wedding Day

A few days ago, I published a blog that outlined your St. Thomas Wedding. Today, we’re going to outline your St. Thomas Wedding Day. Hopefully, I can help you prepare for your wedding day in paradise!

St. Thomas Wedding Day

This is how your wedding day will go if you’ve decided not to do first look photos.

St. Thomas Wedding Day
Waking Up

The waking up part of the day for your St. Thomas Wedding Day is the most important part of the day. It will tell you what the day is going to be like. Try to wake up at least an hour before any planned meals, hair and makeup, or before you really have to be ‘on’. Take that time to reflect, meditate and just chill before the madness. Maybe make it 2 hours. (Wink!)

Once you’ve had a breather, go over the tasks that you need to do and anything you’ve given anyone else to do. If you feel like you need to contact your wedding coordinator, do it now. Make sure she doesn’t need anything from you. And make sure that she has everything in order. Don’t second-guess her or micro-manage her, but you can definitely check in.

After this, have some breakfast. This may be the only meal that you actually get to today, so be sure to include it. Don’t skip it. You need to eat. It’s the most important meal of the day, and today is no exception.

Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup appointments are starting. If you have other people getting their hair and makeup done, it is a good idea to have them go first, then finish with you. During this time, make sure that your dress is ready to be put on, make sure that any jewelry and undergarments are there to be applied. If you’re wearing a garter, make sure to lay it out with everything else. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to help with putting on a garter right before the bride walks down the aisle.

When it comes time for you to sit down and get your hair and makeup done, relax. This is important. Relax your face, close your eyes. Just reflect. You’re getting married today! This is your St. Thomas Wedding Day! Enjoy it! Don’t let it pass you by!

Putting on Your Dress

Before you put that dress on, use the restroom! Don’t forget this! This is a very important tip for the wedding day. It’s going to be hard to use the restroom once you have it on. While you’ll inevitably have to go while in your dress, it’s important to try to lower the amount of times this will happen.

Make sure you have a trustworthy team to help you put the dress on. Make sure hands are clean, including yours. Once the dress is on, you can fix any hair that has fallen out of place, you can fix any makeup that may have smeared. Most importantly, reapply that lipstick. A lot of makeup experts will tell you not to put your lipstick on until after the dress and I would agree with this. If it is already on, just make sure it’s great for the ceremony.

Getting Ready to Head to the Ceremony

When leaving your room, make sure you have everything you need. If a bouquet was delivered, make sure you have it. If you are in a hotel room, make sure you’ve got your key. Any tissues or lipstick that someone is holding for you should be given to them now.


This part of your St. Thomas Wedding Day is the most important part of the day. This is the moment that we’ve been planning for. You’re about to marry the love of your life. Remember to breathe. Let’s do this!

Line up the way that you will walk down the aisle. And go. Breathe. Take it in. Remember to be present during this part, as it will pass quickly.

The ceremony for St. Thomas Weddings generally lasts about 15 minutes, unless you’re having a Catholic, Jewish or Hindu ceremony.

After the Ceremony

This is the time when all of your guests will want to come up to hug and congratulate you and your new spouse. Embrace them. Accept their thanks. Enjoy your short time to be there with your closest friends and family. These are the only people you’ve invited to witness your St. Thomas Wedding Day.

Once you’ve had a few minutes with these people, your St. Thomas photographer will want to take everyone to a designated area to get group photos. Normally, this happens in this general order:

Entire Group of Family and Friends
All the Different Combos of Families and Friends Separately
The Wedding Party
Lastly, You and Your Spouse

While you and your spouse are taking photos, your guests should be mingling at a cocktail hour that you’ve set up previously with your wedding planner and caterer.

Cocktail Hour/Pictures

During this time, your photographer will take you around to several locations, likely on the same property, to take some photos of you and your new partner. These are the photos you will put up in your house. These are the photos you will send out as Christmas cards. Have your Maid/Matron of honor check your makeup and hair before she goes off to the cocktail hour.

The cocktail hour will provide some food and beverage for your family and friends as you two are off getting your pictures taken. This is a great time for some of your group to mingle and get to know one another.


The reception will follow this time and you will enjoy dinner and drinks with the closest people to you.

Again, I stress that you should take the day in. Try not to get too incredibly intoxicated. You’ll want to remember all of this.

Today is a day to remember. Make sure that each step is taken with care and that you will look back on this day with no regrets.

I’m excited to share my wedding day with you very soon! Stay in touch!

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