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Should I Have A First Look? Pros, Cons and Tips!

When planning your wedding, there are tons of little things to consider and decisions to be made. One of the questions that I get asked a lot is whether or not a first look is necessary or doable. I feel strongly about this part of the planning process, and honestly, it could go either way. This is a question in which the answer will vary from couple to couple. In today’s blog, we’ll cover how to decide whether or not to do a first look, and why or why it would not be beneficial to you and your betrothed.

First Look
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Pros for having a First Look
  1. Scheduling your photos could be easier. The important photos are of you and your new husband/wife. If you can take care of these important photos prior to the wedding, that will help your scheduling for after the ceremony.
  2. You’ll have more time with your friends and family. After the ceremony, you’ll be able to take photos and fellowship with your friends and family if the bride/groom photos are taken care of already.
  3. It’s a special time to be able to spend alone with your future husband or wife prior to the ceremony.
Cons for having a First Look
  1. It’s not very traditional. If you are a traditional couple, it’s best that you don’t see one another until one of you is walking down the aisle.
  2. Your day, including hair and makeup, getting dressed, and waking up, will have to start earlier. When planning for a first look, I always like to plan it for about an hour prior to the ceremony, so it’s much earlier than you had probably anticipated.
  3. You may feel like the moment is too forced. It’s staged, so your photographer(s) are right there. You may feel very aware of that.
Tips on Deciding Whether to do a First Look
  1. Consider the timing. If you’re having an early morning wedding, it may not be feasible with all the things you have to do before the ceremony.
  2. Consider your families and friends. Do you have a lot of people waiting for you? You may want to do the first look to spend some time together before exchanging vows and also so you can get your formals checked off the list.
  3. Consider one another. Do you want to do it? Does your fiance want to do it? Now is the time to start considering what you each want in your relationship. Communication!


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