Wedding Guests

An Open Letter to Wedding Guests

Dear Wedding Guests,

The couple whose wedding you’re attending can never find the words to thank you for attending their wedding. They are ecstatic that they are important enough for you to take time out of your busy lives to enjoy the day. Below, I’ve included 9 ways to make the day better for you and your soon-to-be married. You will have a hand in making the day the best for the beautiful couple.

Wedding Guests

1. Put your phone down.

The couple has paid a lot of money for a professional photographer, so they ask–if for only the ceremony–don’t take any photos. They will definitely share the professional photography photos when they come out.

Also, the couple invited you to their wedding to witness them exchanging vows to one another. They want you to be at the ceremony instead of watching it on a screen.

2. When you DO take photos, don’t post them on Social Media.

There’s a good chance that the couple would like to share the photos themselves. If you DO feel the need to post a picture, make sure you get permission from them prior to sharing.

3. After they announce the engagement, don’t invite yourself.

This time of their engagement is full of lots of emotions. There’s a ton of things going on. Congratulate them, then wait for an invitation. It’s not nice to invite yourself. They haven’t gotten that far yet.

4. Don’t invite more than what’s on your invitation.

If you don’t see “and guest” or “+ 1” on your invite, assume that you don’t get to bring a guest.

5. RSVP!

Whether you are coming or not, an RSVP is in order. It’s really helpful to the couple to get their numbers in at a certain time.

6. Stay out of the way of the photographer.

The photographer will be running around trying to get the most amazing photos of this wedding day. Try to stay out of the way of the photos.

7. Don’t stress out the couple.

This is a very stressful day already. Saying things like, “That’s not the right color,” or “Why didn’t you do it this way?” will only make them more stressed. If you see them stressed, think of a way to make it better.

8. Limit the alcohol intake.

Try not to get totally drunk. This is a beautiful affair. Have a drink, then have a glass of water and repeat. Know your limit and keep it classy!

9. Most important rule for wedding guests: Have a BLAST!

Wedding guests are an important part of the big day. You are important to the couple who invited you. You’re there to witness their beautiful vows, then celebrate the union they just made.



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