planning your first look

Planning your First Look Photography

Last week, we talked about the pros and cons of having a first look as well as some tips. This week, we’re going to talk about planning your first look. You’ve decided to have one, now what? We’ll talk about planning in today’s blog.

planning your first look
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Planning your first look

Step 1. Speak with your photographer. Your photographer will want to know this as soon as possible, so he or she can plan their day and shots around your formals.

Step 2. Make a plan with your wedding planner. Your photographer and your wedding planner can help you make a schedule you will need to stick to in order to execute these important photographs. You’ll need to start with what time you’ll start getting ready, then move forward.

Step 3. Choose a spot. Do you have a place in mind near your ceremony site? If not, I feel sure that both your wedding planner and your wedding photographer can suggest some spots.

Step 4. Make sure enough time is allotted. You’ll want to have at least an hour of time allotted for this special set of photos, since you will go immediately into your bride/groom formals. Again, your photographer and planner can help with moving things around and adjusting the schedule if needed.

Step 5. Leave about 10 minutes between the first look photos and the ceremony to check your makeup. You may have sweated or smeared it. Make sure your walk-down-the-aisle-ready!

Step 6. Decide how you want to do the first look. Some people walk all the way to the looker and tap them on the shoulder to have them turn around. Some people call out from a short distance away, so they’ll turn around. This isn’t hugely important, but you should speak with your photographer to see if one is easier than the other for photos.

Step 7. Make it happen!

You’ve got all the tools for planning your first look! Now go for it!

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