Unplugged Wedding

Tips and Tricks to Making your Wedding Unplugged

Last week, we talked about your decision on whether to make your wedding unplugged. Well, now that you’ve decided to unplug your wedding, let’s talk about how.

Unplugged Wedding

Just a quick recap; an unplugged wedding is a wedding in which you ask your guests to refrain from using electronic devices to photograph and share pictures from your wedding before you are ready for the world to see them.

I’ve decided to make sure that my wedding is unplugged. Below, I will outline some ideas and tips on how to make sure yours is if that’s what you’ve decided to do.

Tips on Making your Wedding Unplugged
  • Tell your close friends and family before the wedding. If you can help spread the word prior to your nuptials, it’ll help to be sure that all of your guests know beforehand. I don’t really want a sign posted, so this is likely the only path I will take when trying to make sure my wedding is unplugged.
  • Consider having your wedding ceremony unplugged, but have your reception free to take out phones and cameras. In today’s world, most people can’t go more than 5 minutes without checking their phones, so allowing them to have it out for the reception may not be too much to ask.
  • Add a sign at the ceremony and/or reception. There are tons of signs and ideas when it comes to wording. Check Google!
  • Ask your officiant to make a small announcement prior to the ceremony.
  • Include the request on your website. It is not polite to include it on the invitations, but including it on any signage or websites about the wedding after the invitations is perfectly acceptable.
  • Don’t confiscate phones.
  • Ask that no photos be posted on Social Media.

Having your wedding unplugged is a really important decision to make with your wedding planning. This blog should help with that decision and the tips to make it happen!

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