Unplugged Ceremony

5 Reasons to Consider having an Unplugged Ceremony

The unplugged ceremony is something that has popped up in the past couple of years. With all the technology and computers at your fingertips, people are taking tons of photos, making recordings and those are being posted directly on social media. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose to do an unplugged ceremony.

Unplugged Ceremony

Reason Number 1 to have an Unplugged Ceremony

The biggest reason–for me, at least–is that you are paying a photographer several hundred dollars per hour. You do not want cellular phones, tablets, and various other camera-like objects in your pictures. Let your photographer do their work. You chose them and are paying for them for a reason.

Reason Number 2 to have an Unplugged Ceremony

As mentioned earlier, your guests want to post these photos and videos on social media right away. The photos may not be flattering. You may not want everyone on Facebook and Instagram to see the wedding. Maybe your older family members were unable to attend; you’ll want to choose which pictures you want to share with them.

Reason Number 3 to have an Unplugged Ceremony

You want your guests to be present at your ceremony. You invited them there to witness you and your significant other exchange vows and if their face is constantly looking at a screen, they might as well have stayed at home and had someone Skype them the wedding.

Reason Number 4 to have an Unplugged Ceremony

You don’t want to see professional pictures of your friends and families with their faces blocked or obscured by a phone or tablet in front of their faces. Have them put their phone down so we can see their beautiful smiling faces in those amazing professional pictures.

Reason Number 5 to have an Unplugged Ceremony

Here are a few instances that I have experienced with weddings that decided not to go unplugged:

  1. Two bridesmaids stood at the top of the aisle filming the entire time. There were zero good pictures of the ceremony taking place. Every photo that the professional photographer took of the ceremony had the two bridesmaids shooting the whole ceremony with their phones.
  2. One wedding I had, had several people walking around the entirety of the wedding. My photographer was tripping over the guests who were taking photos. There were several people also following my photographer trying to get the shots she was giving.
  3. There are certain points during the wedding that the photographer has to be in a certain place. For example, the end of the ceremony and their first kiss. One wedding guest blocked that image at the last minute and the photographer had to recreate the kiss.

I could go on and on about this all day, but I won’t. All I know is it’s beneficial to your wedding ceremony to be unplugged. Let’s put down our phones for a couple of hours and live in the moment. For my St. Thomas Wedding, I will be having an unplugged ceremony.

Check back with me soon about my upcoming blog: How to have an unplugged wedding day.

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