St. Thomas Wedding Proposal

St. Thomas Wedding Proposal- Surprise!!

I hate surprises. Well, I hate receiving them. When I can experience someone else getting surprised, It’s a lot more fun. I had the recent pleasure of coordinating a St. Thomas Wedding Proposal, which was a complete surprise to the bride-to-be.

James contacted Crown Images and myself about a month prior to their trip to St. Thomas. He had already made reservations at Sunset Grille at Secret Harbour, so it would be a good excuse to be there.

We said that we would write with sea glass in the sand the words, “Marry Me?” for them to stumble upon. They would get there much earlier than their reservation, so it would give them a great excuse to explore the beach for a bit before they would sit to have dinner. Sage, of Crown Images, would capture the proposal, then take them for a few pictures before their REAL dinner reservation, which would be set up on the beach by Sunset Grille.

St. Thomas wedding Proposal St. Thomas wedding proposal

Sage and I set up the words and waited. The tricky thing with Surprise St. Thomas Proposals is that we usually have no idea what the couple looked like. Needless to say, we were guessing at each new person walked on the beach.

Finally, two people started slowly making their way to where we agreed to meet. We knew it must be them. As they approached, we acted nonchalantly as if we were taking photos of each other. James saw us and you could tell that a bit of the tension was released when he knew he was in the right place. Once they came upon the sea glass writing, Olivia saw it and was so surprised! She jumped up and down and screamed! Of course, she said yes!

At this point, Sage is trying to take photos in between our sobbing and laughing. They looked over and saw us; the jig was up. It was such a fun surprise! Here you’ll find some shots courtesy of Crown Images!

St. Thomas wedding Proposal

James and Olivia are such an adorable couple! When asked if they would get married in St. Thomas, they said there were family members who would never get on a flight. I wish them all the best in the wedding, their marriage and the rest of their lives.

St. Thomas Wedding Proposal

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