Wedding Planning Timeline

St. Thomas Wedding Planning Timeline

Planning a wedding can be really stressful. There are so many things to remember, so many plans to make, and a lot of people to plan with. Have a wedding planning timeline is very important. For St. Thomas weddings–since most of them are destination weddings–the timeline will be quite different than most local planning timelines.

Wedding Planning Timeline

In this post, I have included a helpful graphic that shows you, in basic terms, where you should be at each month during your planning process. When everything is broken down, it’s easier to keep the stress at bay.

This graphic wedding planning timeline is, in no way, inclusive of every little detail, nor does it fit into each Wedding the same. But it’s a nice start. For example, I am 4 months away from my wedding, but I have already booked my officiant.

Your wedding planner can help you with any specific things that you should be focusing on.

The main things that you’re going to find with the differences in Destination Wedding Planning Timelines and Local Wedding Planning Timelines are the invites. Invitations for destination weddings should go out at least 6 months in advance, so your guests are given enough time to plan for the travel.

The smaller milestones should also be included. You’ll need to get favors. You’ll need to confirm the menu.

There are also lots of things that aren’t included in this graphic that you should remember. Remember why you’re doing this. Remember to go on dates with your fiance. Remember to appreciate the finer things in life. Remember to stick to the budget. You’re getting married: Be Happy!!

While I can’t promise that you won’t be stressed out at all, this Wedding Planning Timeline should definitely help.

Remember that there are also things that you’ll need to do after the wedding. Some of these things include: File your license, send Thank You notes, etc.

This Wedding Planning timeline should give you a great idea of where to start. Your wedding planning should be a fun experience. I can bet that if you spread everything out, it will help with the stress.

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