Rain on your wedding day Rainy Day Magen's Wedding

It’s Like Rain on your Wedding Day… Answered: What if?!

The wonderful Alanis Morisette sang about rain on your wedding day. She calls it ironic. I call it lucky. Either way, none of us wish for rain on our wedding day! I’m fine with the rain as long as it’s before or after all the festivities. Having a destination St. Thomas wedding, however, there’s no way to be sure that it won’t rain on your wedding day. In fact, there’s a great chance that it WILL rain! What do you do? These questions answered here.

Rain on your wedding day

You come to St. Thomas to have your destination wedding in the beautiful outdoors, usually on a world-famous beach. Well, this tropical island in the U. S. Virgin Islands lives on rain. That plush flora and fauna that we need here grow from the amount of rain that we get yearly.

Ways to Avoid or Handle Rain on your Wedding Day
  • Wait it out: As you may remember I recently published a blog about a rainy day wedding at Magen’s Bay. We got through it just fine. My vendors jumped to the occasion, covered the important things, and the day went on as perfectly as ever after the rain stopped. For this wedding, we waited it out. Usually, it rains for about 10 minutes and then stops. This is normal for this climate.
  •  Rent a Tent: You can always decide to rent a tent. I have a great company that I work with who rents out tents at reasonable prices. If you’re worried about rain, rent a tent at least a week prior to the ceremony.
  • Get Married Anyway: So, the tent is out of your budget, and you’ve waited and waited, but guests are drenched, it’s still raining and your vendors’ can’t stay much longer. Get married anyway. It’s an amazing story. It’s incredibly romantic! (Who doesn’t like kissing in the rain?!) And the rain doesn’t change the way you feel about your bride or groom.

Rain on your wedding day Rainy Day Magen's Wedding

So, you’ve got rain on your wedding day. These are your choices! I really hope that you don’t run into this problem. I also hope my wedding stays dry, but if it doesn’t, I’ll get married anyway. 🙂

Photos provided courtesy of Ryan and Rach Photography.


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