problems when planning your wedding

6 Problems You Will Have when Planning your Wedding and How to Avoid Them

Weddings are an important time in your life. There are always going to be problems when planning your wedding. In this blog, we will address 6 issues that come up and how to avoid common problems.

6 Problems When Planning your Wedding:

problems when planning your wedding


  1. Not all of your guests RSVP.

    When I sent out my invites for my wedding, I fully expected at least 90% of my guests to RSVP in time. My wedding was 3 months ago and there are still people I haven’t gotten a response from. I received maybe 25% of them back, then had to contact everyone separately. You can’t avoid this, but the best way to make sure as many people reply, include a response envelope complete with your address, your guests return address and the stamp.

  2. Guests inviting themselves or someone else that isn’t invited to the wedding.

    I did have a couple of guests who invited themselves, and I felt obligated to send them an invite, but I wish I had known that this would happen, so I could have a canned response ready to go.  Here’s a response that you can use and I wish I had: “We have a very tight budget, where we’ve already had to cut people we wanted to come. Unfortunately, we’ve reached our maximum and can’t invite anyone
    else. Let’s catch up afterward!”

  3. Your Venue Fell Through

    For some reason, your venue fell through (like mine did!!) at the last minute. Try to salvage the situation by calmly reassessing what is important. Find something else that’s available for the day within your budget. Then make sure to let all of your vendors and guests know. Panicking in this situation isn’t going to help. Breathe, then conquer.

  4. You’re over your Budget

    You’ve budgeted for everything, but you have gone over. Stop. Take a moment and write everything out. If you’ve already given deposits, consider eliminating extras like stationary on the day of your wedding, see about changing your food choices, eliminate the upgrades. You don’t want to have to take away a huge debt when you start your life together.

  5. Your Dress Rips

    You’ve reached the wedding day and everything is perfect. All of a sudden, one of the biggest problems when planning your wedding happens and someone steps on your dress and you hear a rip. Don’t panic! You’ve packed an emergency kit for this reason! In your emergency kit, you should have the following: sewing kit with thread matching your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses, deodorant, double-sided tape, bandaids.

  6. It’s Raining!

    It’s raining on your wedding day. It’s okay, because we’re pros at this! See how I handled a rainy day wedding at Magen’s Bay.

There are plenty of problems when planning your wedding. The main takeaway: Don’t panic. Clear your head and solve the problem.




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