getting fit for your wedding

Getting Fit for your Wedding in St. Thomas

Your wedding is just around the corner and you envision yourself thinner when you walk down the aisle. You shouldn’t worry about that. You should just worry about getting fit for your wedding.  With all the body-shaming that’s going around these days with your bodies, women (and sometimes men) feel the need to be skinny. When thinking of your wedding, you should be thinking about how excited you are and happy to be marrying the love of your life. Get healthy. Don’t get skinny. Love yourself, so that you can love your spouse.

getting fit for your wedding

Today, I have Gabbie LaPorte, of Abs By Gabs, joining us for her take on how to tone up and get healthy before your wedding. Gabbie has recently joined the Irie Matrimony team part time as an Assistant Wedding Coordinator. She also works at home to help the ladies on St. Thomas and around the country to get fit.

Check out this Q + A with Gabbie and her tips for getting fit for your wedding day:
1. Give us a brief history on why you decided to get into the fitness world

Health and wellness have always been a huge passion of mine. I started off working at a gym, selling memberships in my hometown. My job was to sign up potential members who wanted to improve their lives. I worked this job for several years and became sedentary, stressed and unhappy. I was starting to relate with the clients who wanted to join the gym and better their health. I decided I wanted to be more involved in helping those people and myself instead of just selling memberships. I got certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and haven’t looked back. After

After moving and uprooting from my client base a few times, I thought it would be an awesome venture to start an online coaching business so I could continue to help others even when I’m not physically present. That’s when I started Abs By Gabs. It’s awesome being able to work with these amazing people from anywhere.

When should a bride start trying to tone up for her big day?

The sooner, the better! Coasting in is way better than stressing your body out by waiting so long to get started. Everyone has different goals for their own bodies, but a good rule of thumb is to get started a minimum of 3 months prior. If your goal is weight-loss, plan on losing 1 pound per week.

Are there specific foods/menus that you can recommend to brides to be?

This is my favorite question! Prioritize wholesome foods such as grass-fed meat, nuts, fruits, veggies, wild-caught seafood, seeds and spices. Avoid anything that is processed. If it didn’t come out of the ground or can’t survive from things that did, don’t eat it! Nutrition will make or break a physique.

What are your top 3 workout tips for ladies planning their upcoming wedding?
  1. Set a schedule and get a plan together before stepping into a gym. It’s easy to get side-tracked and not get much done while spending hours at the gym. Planning ahead is key! Commit to certain lengths of time to workout.
  2. Lighten up on the cardio and don’t be afraid to lift weights. the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest The more calories you burn, the more inches you lose!
  3. To get that dream booty, keep these words in mind: Thrust is a must! Yes, squats are great, but they engage quads more than glutes.
What is the biggest piece of advice you would like to give our brides who are trying to get healthy?

Planning your wedding is stressful enough. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who knows what they’re doing for help! Getting a fitness plan together may be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. you want to make sure that you look great, but most importantly, FEEL AWESOME on your big day!

Reach out to Gabbie and make a plan for getting fit for your wedding! Her website is and her email is

Start getting fit for your wedding today!

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