Choosing your wedding colors

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding-Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Hello! This week’s installment talks about how I chose my wedding colors. We will also talk about tips on choosing your wedding colors!

Choosing your wedding colors

When I started thinking about my own wedding colors for my St. Thomas wedding, I had three things I wanted to keep in mind.

  1. I didn’t want to choose colors that a lot of people already use on island. I am a St. Thomas Wedding Coordinator, so I see a lot of the same colors and designs. While I feel that all of my clients’ weddings turn out beautifully, I also feel like I see the same colors a lot. So, there are a few colors that I felt I wanted to stay away from.
  2. I also didn’t want to use too many “trendy” colors for weddings in general. I really want my day unique. One of the policies that I preach when planning weddings–no matter the size–is to make each event unique. Choose your colors–even if they’re like everyone else’s colors–but I want to be sure each of my couples walk away knowing that we did everything to make their wedding unlike any other.
  3. I didn’t want anything too girly. My fiance is a man and while he would have let me have pinks and pastels, I wanted to be sure that he enjoyed the colors as well–of course, while still being stylish; I’m not completely crazy!

I won’t share my colors with you today, but there’s one dark color, one light color and a metallic. If you’ve followed my Pinterest board, as outlined in this post, then you have a pretty good idea. I will reveal every detail after the big day.

10 Tips to Choosing Your Wedding Colors
  1. Consider your venue. Does it have a color scheme of its own? Will your colors clash with the color of the floors or the walls?
  2. Consider the season. Sometimes you can get help from the season that you’re being married in. Spring can have pastel colors. Winter tends to have darker and richer colors. Summer usually has brighter colors. Fall gravitates to the warm colors.
  3. Look at inspiration ideas! Check Pinterest. Start with what you don’t want, then figure out what you DO want from there.
  4. Do you have one color that you tend to gravitate toward? I did. Start with that color, then choose colors that contrast beautifully.
  5. When choosing your color scheme, understand that it can be a broad scheme. Imagine lots of purples from aubergine to lavender. It doesn’t have to be one shade of one color.
  6. Get your fiance’s opinion. They may say they don’t care, but there’s a good chance they do.
  7. Do you have a favorite flower? What color does it come in? This may be a good place to start.
  8. You may consider having two different color schemes, if, for example, your ceremony and reception venue are in two different places. My venues are separate. I will use the same scheme, but will highlight different colors within the scheme to spice it up.
  9. Think about your bridesmaids. Will they look flattering in the color you’ve chosen?
  10. Stick with 1 to 2 main colors, then let the other shades represent those colors. You should have 3-5 colors in all.

Let me know if you need help choosing your wedding colors!


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