Social Media Wedding Planning

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding-Using Social Media to Plan

Thanks for stopping by this week’s installment of A Wedding Planner’s Wedding! This week, we’re going to discuss how using social media has helped me in my St. Thomas Wedding Planning and how you can use it to benefit your planning process!

Social Media Wedding Planning

First, you should know that Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, are awesome tools to help with your wedding planning. It is not for actually planning your wedding. They will be incredibly helpful, but they do not take the place of a Wedding Planner!

My three favorites for planning are the aforementioned Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I’ll outline how helpful they can be and include some links to help you too!

Social Media 1. Facebook

Facebook is the most social of all the social media outlets, in my opinion! You can share your ideas with other brides just like you. There are always groups for wherever you’re getting married. My favorite group to use for St. Thomas Weddings is Matrimony Homies-USVI Wedding Couple Support. It’s moderated, so there are no vendors posting their ads. It’s a group full of past, present, and future brides who are having or have had weddings in St. Thomas. There are also vendors who work on St. Thomas and St. John to help brides like you and me to plan. They offer support. They are kind. We share photos of recent weddings. It’s a lot of fun to even talk about things that are not wedding related!

Social Media 2. Instagram

Instagram is a fun way to share photos and follow people who do weddings at your venue. For St. Thomas Weddings, I follow @Sage_Hammond, who is my primary photographer as well as my Matron of Honor. Although she’s not my photographer for my wedding day, she posts lots of amazing photos of the St. Thomas Weddings! I also have an Instagram that I love looking at. It’s filled with tons of St. Thomas Weddings as well! Follow me! @IrieMatrimony

Social Media 3. Pinterest

Pinterest is likely the most popular Social Media outlet for planning your wedding. It’s perfect for putting everything in one place for your thoughts on your wedding. You can see how well your colors mesh, you can find inspiration for flower arrangements, you can pretty much pin everything that you’ve thought of for your wedding. The only thing about Pinterest is that you should only use this for inspiration! Don’t get carried away! If you have amazing vendors–as I do–you can count on them to make your wedding dreams come true without copying everyone else’s idea! Here’s my Pinterest Inspiration Board for my wedding. I’ve only shared this with a few people, so you guys are getting an exclusive look! Let me know what you think!

What is your favorite Social Media outlet and how are you using it to plan your wedding?

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