To DIY or Not to DIY…

… That is the question. Well, when it comes to your wedding, the answer is usually a resounding no. Leave it up to the experts! A DIY Wedding has many pitfalls. Of course, there are exceptions, but you don’t want to work on your wedding day, so save it for your scrapbook.

You’ve seen all the articles of DIY gone wrong. (“Nailed it!”) You do not want your wedding to be the next picture going around social media with everyone laughing.

That said, as a destination wedding coordinator on a small island, in the middle of the great big blue sea, I do not have a ton of resources. Sometimes, I, as well as some of my vendors, are left to do it ourselves. See the below picture of an orange centerpiece. My office smelled like oranges for days, it was wonderful.

Example number two: My first wedding on the beach. I literally bought the vases and took plants from the property. It’s very pretty.

My suggestion to all brides out there who plan to DIY your wedding; Leave it to your vendors. You hired us for a reason. My goal for all of my brides: Make sure they are not stressed out leading up to the wedding and most importantly, on the wedding day. If you are DIYing your wedding, you will be stressed. Why? Because you are doing it all yourself! This is the time for you to spend with your closest girl friends and family drinking mimosas and getting ready to walk down the aisle to the love of your life.

Again, there are exceptions to every rule. For my own wedding, I DIY’d my invites. It was a mistake, but I did it. Sometimes, it’s fun and doable, but my most important advice to you: Keep the DIY to a minimum.

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