Secret harbour Sunset Wedding setup

A Picturesque Sunset Secret Harbour Wedding

Heather and JR contacted me about planning their wedding in November of 2016. Right off the bat, I could tell these guys were going to be a blast to work with. They wanted a Sunset Secret Harbour wedding Both working as nurses, this couple had a quirky sense of humor that I loved, and little bits of that were incorporated throughout their wedding day. One example was the sign that was placed at the entrance of their ceremony, sporting the phrase “world’s smallest handcuffs” with a picture of two interlocked wedding rings, calligraphed by yours truly. : )

Sunset Secret Harbour wedding Calligraphy

Their ceremony was held at Secret Harbour, and everything was absolutely beautiful. The couple chose soft colors of peach and blush, with lots of greenery thrown in, which is very trendy right now.

Secret harbour Sunset Wedding setup

Before the ceremony, they did a first look photo shoot, and the whole process was absolutely adorable. While Heather was finishing up getting ready, JR paced around nervously. He was clearly anxious to see his bride-to-be, and my heart was so full spending the few moments before he saw her making sure that everything was perfect.

Sunset Secret harbour wedding first look

Their photos were absolutely stunning, but I’d expect nothing less from such a beautiful couple. After finishing up their shoot, they made their way over to their ceremony, where the small group of 16 of their closest friends and family were waiting for them.

Following their ceremony, the couple had an intimate reception at Sunset Grille, where their patio seating gave them the beautiful view and backdrop of the sunset and ocean right behind them.

I truly hope that these guys had as much fun with their wedding as I did and that the day left them with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Don’t forget to check out some of my favorites of their pictures!

Secret Harbour sunset wedding petal toss

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