The wedding dress front

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding-The Wedding Dress Part 3

Hello everyone and welcome to one of the final installments of A Wedding Planner’s Wedding. Finally, I’m going to reveal the Wedding Dress and tell you the story behind it. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

First, you should know that I didn’t end up making it, as I projected in the first blog about the elusive dress. I was going to, then something awesome happened.

I’m on about a million groups on FaceBook having to do with brides and vendors and stuff for sale. I happened to be on a Facebook group where brides are selling stuff to one another after their wedding has passed. Sometimes, brides post about things that they are looking for as well.

One bride posted a picture of a dress similar to the one that I want, letting everyone know that she was in search of that dress. A wonderful woman, by the name of Mellissa Davis chimed in and said she could make a similar dress for very inexpensive. Mellissa owns a company in Georgia, Paper Doll Bridal. I contacted Mellissa and within a month, my dress was ready.

For those of you who haven’t read my ‘About Me’ page, I am from Georgia. My entire family also lives there. My mom hasn’t been abe to be a part of the wedding coordinating at all, so it was only fitting that I fly home, surprise her, then whisk her off to Atlanta to be a part of the dress fitting.

Atlanta traffic was terrible and we ended up getting to Paper Doll Bridal about 30 minutes after they closed for the day. Mellissa graciously stayed open for us. The dress was perfect, aside from a few sizing issues, which she was able to fix in about 5 minutes.

She went above and beyond for my wedding and made me feel incredibly special. I would recommend her to any of my friends looking for custom formal wear or a wedding dress.

Here are some photos of me in the dress, finally!

The wedding dress frontThe Wedding Dress Back

Wedding dress flowing in the wind
The wedding dress flowing in the wind 2 first look

The Wedding Dress Walking front

The Wedding Dress walking 2

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  1. What’s the contact information for this awesome lady? 😊! Your dress looked great btw.. you looked beautiful

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