Honoring lost loved ones with a charm on your bouquet

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding- Honoring Lost Loved Ones

As we get closer to my wedding (Can you say THREE WEEKS?!), I wanted to go ahead and discuss a topic that is not talked about much, but it’s an important part of your wedding day. What do you do when you have close friends and family members who have passed away prior to your wedding, but you still feel it’s necessary to include them on your big day. Today, we’ll be honoring lost loved ones.

Honoring lost loved ones with a charm on your bouquet

First a little bit of a backstory:

My brother passed away–in June, it’ll be 5 years. I get emotional when I think about him not being here for my wedding. Imagining my wedding day without him seems wrong and I almost feel guilty. I will find a way to include him in my wedding day; I’m just not sure how yet.

Tips and Ideas for Honoring Lost Loved Ones:
  1. One of the most popular ways to include a lost family or friend in your wedding is to put a charm on your bouquet with their photo. It’s a simple way to include them without drawing a lot of attention. After all, you don’t want to be so sad that it takes away from the happiness that is supposed to be a wedding day.
  2. One of my recent weddings included the groom’s father who had recently passed by taking photos with a fishing rod. The bride and groom both love to fish and it was one of the father’s favorite pastimes, so it seemed fitting. This is a great idea for St. Thomas beach weddings, since you’re on the beach!
  3. Some people who have a lot of loved ones they would like to honor have a table set up with photos and candles.
  4. I’ve also seen a seat saved for that person, as if they were there. This is also a very sweet way to include them!
  5. You could make a flower out of an item that used to be theirs, whether it be clothes, fabric, or something that was close to them and have it put into your bouquet.

Honoring lost loved ones doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Keep that in mind when coming up with your ideas, or using these! How will you have those who have passed included in your big day?

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