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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding- The Bridal Shower

It has been 7 days since my wedding! If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you may have seen some sneak peeks! Spoiler alert: The wedding went perfectly! We both said yes. That was the goal. So, now I’m a married woman! Unfortunately, it will be a few posts before I post about the final product because I want to wait for the photos. So, sit tight. Today, we’re discussing the Bridal Shower. Bridal Shower photos

As you likely read in my post about traditional wedding roles, normally your Maid/Matron of Honor will throw this. If you have a MOH who is a crazy busy lady, like I did, anyone else can take the reigns and plan the party. My wonderful mother stepped to the plate and hosted a small get-together for everyone. All the ladies who were coming to the wedding were already there, so it was nice to have those people here as well. Being a destination wedding, it’s a bit harder to invite everyone!

Basically, we got together and had tacos, margaritas and a little bit of fun! I hired a hula hoop instructor so we could skip the games. I’m not huge into shower games, so this worked perfectly for me! If you’re like me, you need more ideas, so you don’t do the games.

Bridal Shower Ideas for the Bride who wants to Skip the Games:
  1. Have an instructor of some sort come to teach the group, similar to what I did. It was a lot of fun. The instructor was awesome, so she had us all laughing. Best of all, we all learned something! I’m a hula hoop pro now! 😉
  2. Purchase a nice book and have people separately leave comments, advice, recipes, etc. in it for the couple to read through later. It keeps things light, gets people thinking and sometimes there are some real gems in there! Plus, it’ll make for a fun night for the couple to open a bottle of wine and read over the pages!
  3. Hire someone to host a painting class and everyone can decorate their own wine glasses! This one is so fun. You don’t have to paint wine glasses. You could also do canvases with watercolors, pastels, etc. or other crafty things!

The most important thing is that you remember to have fun during the bridal shower. If games are your thing, do them! There are a million ideas out there for those. I wanted to cover some non-game fun. 🙂

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