Save money on your st thomas wedding

Save Money on your St Thomas Wedding

Weddings are expensive. We all know that, right? Well, in St. Thomas, the average cost of a wedding is approximately $10,000, for 30 people. This includes the St. Thomas Wedding ceremony as well as the St. Thomas Wedding reception. In this blog, we’re going to navigate ways to save money on your St Thomas wedding.

Save money on your st thomas wedding
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Save Money on your St Thomas Wedding

First thing’s first: If you’re having a St. Thomas Wedding, you’re already making a great decision to help save money. Destination weddings don’t have as many attendees as local weddings do. Generally, you can expect that 60% of your invited guests to make it to your destination wedding.

  1. Hire a St Thomas Wedding Planner! Hiring a wedding planner not only ensures that you have someone to be the go-to middle man for all your vendors, but they also ensure that they will be able to get you the best pricing. Although you’re paying for another vendor, you’re paying for someone who is so knowledgeable that they’re able to save you money with your vendors.
  2. Cut the Guest list! Most venues do not have the capacity to hold hundreds of people. Some do, but those tend to be more expensive. Also, your food and beverage line item is most likely going to be the most costly item on your list of services. Even cutting 10 people from the list could ensure you’re having hundreds to thousands to spend elsewhere.
  3. Make changes to the Cake. There are several ways to make this cost go down.
    1. Choose a smaller cake to cut, then have cupcakes or various other desserts instead of a giant cake.
    2. Have a large cake made from Styrofoam, then have a sheet cake in the back for everyone to cut.
    3. Go the Styrofoam route, but have it just for looks and have other desserts available.
  4. Choose a different time of year to tie the knot. April 15th to December 1st is off season in St. Thomas. Your vendors may still charge the same, but the accommodations and airfare will definitely be less.
  5. Choose a venue to have all your events in the same place. For example, Secret Harbour has great accommodations, the perfect wedding spot and an amazing reception venue all in one place. This will eliminate the need to pay for travel.
  6. Make changes to your reception. There are a couple of different ways you can make changes to your reception in order to save money on your St Thomas wedding.
    1. Have a buffet or stations instead of a plated dinner.
    2. Have beer and wine instead of a full open bar.
    3. Shorten the reception, so your DJ and open bar hours are shortened.

There you have it! At least 6 ways to save money on your St Thomas wedding! How will you save money?

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