Ring Bearer finds and picks up rings

Ring Bearer Horror Story and How to Avoid it.

Are you having a ring bearer for your wedding? Read the story below of a wedding couple who had their nephew carry the rings and the reason they almost lost the rings!

I recently had the pleasure of working with a really sweet couple for their St. Thomas wedding. I was thrilled when their wedding day came around! It was a beautiful day, birds were chirping, and the air was filled with the romance of two lovely people who were about to tie the knot. Little did they know, the ring bearer would make a small mistake that would have large repercussions.

He walks down the aisle, cute as ever and stands next to his uncle to await his cue to hand over the jewelry. The officiant starts her ceremony, everything is going as planned. Then something happens.

Ring Bearer finds and picks up rings

When the officiant asks for the ring, our adorable ring bearer steps up proud of himself to hand the rings over, then he drops them. Now, this wouldn’t be a huge deal at most wedding venues, although it’s still best that we keep the ring bearer from dropping this precious jewelry. The worst part was that we were on a beach! A sandy beach! The rings could have easily gotten buried and lost!

Ring Bearer drops ring in the sand

Thankfully, the bride quickly found them before they were buried. For your wedding, we may want to avoid this stressor. Here are some ways to avoid your ring bearer making this mistake:

  1. Ring Pillow: Traditionally, the ring bearer walks down the aisle with the rings balanced atop a dainty little pillow. These pillows usually come with a pretty ribbon. These ribbons are there so the rings can be tied on the pillow, which gives less of a chance for your little ring bearer to accidentally drop the rings!
  2. Ring Box: There’s a fairly new trend for ring boxes in lieu of pillows. There are tons of options out there that you can get personalized and have a latch on it. This makes it more secure.
  3. Fake Rings: Have your ring bearer carry fake rings. This way, he still feels equally as important, but if he drops or loses these rings, there’s not a problem! Sometimes, they sell the fake rings with the ring bearer pillow.
  4. No Rings: Instead of having your little man carry rings at all, a lot of couples are opting to have him carry a cute sign. “Here comes the bride” for example.

Don’t give your tiny ring bearer the opportunity to lose your rings! Make sure to leave that stressor out of your wedding day.

Photos provided courtesy of Crown Images Photography.

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