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Good day everyone! Check out this post to find answers to frequently asked questions as well as some questions you should be asking! If I miss something, please comment below and I’ll get you an answer!

   Q1. Is there a time of year that is less expensive for St. Thomas Weddings?

   A1. For Irie Matrimony, the time of year does not affect pricing. Most of my vendors offer the same pricing year-round as well. What you WILL find is that accommodations tend to be less expensive in the off season, which is from June to November each year.

   Q2. When is rainy season?

   A2. This question goes hand-in-hand with the last question. Hurricane/rainy season is from June 1st to November 30th. That paired with the fact that more people travel here in the winter (when it’s colder in the States) make this time off season. That said, it doesn’t constantly rain during that time. It also doesn’t mean we’re getting tons of hurricanes either. It’s just the season for it. If you’re concerned, ask your coordinator what you can do to avoid the rain.

   Q3. What time of day should I have my wedding?

   A3. This is a great question. For that beautiful turquoise water you see when you see tropical weddings, you’ll want to have a morning/daytime wedding. This usually ends around 3 PM on a sunny day. the earlier you plan to have the wedding, the bluer the water is!  For the beautiful sunset in the background, you’ll want to have your wedding between 4-6, depending on the time of year. See the photos below. The one on the left is a morning wedding; 10 AM. The one on the right is sunset. They were both taken at Secret Harbour and at the same side of the beach. Both were very sunny days. Which one do you like better?

Photo Cred: Crown Images Photography by Sage
Photo Cred: Crown Images Photography by Sage
Photo Cred: Crown Images Photography by Sage
Photo Cred: Crown Images Photography by Sage














   Q4. What time is sunset?

   A4. So, you’ve decided to go with sunset for your St. Thomas wedding? Awesome! The time depends on the season. From Autumn to Spring, it’s around 6 PM. From Spring to Autumn, it’s around 5 PM. Your St. Thomas wedding coordinator will be able to give you the correct time and point you toward a time to have your ceremony based on the time of year that you choose for your wedding. I always suggest that you have your wedding 30 minutes to an hour prior to sunset, so your photos are being taken during sunset.

   Q5. Where should I have my wedding?

   A5. This is a tough question! It will depend on the amount of people you have attending. It will depend on the time that you chose to have the ceremony. Do you want it on the beach? Or off the beach? Do you want everything at one place? What day is it? Where are you and your guests staying? Let your wedding coordinator know these things and she can recommend great places on island to have your dream wedding! Also, here’s a helpful blog on choosing your St. Thomas wedding venue!

   Q6. Am I required to work with the vendors you recommend?

   A6. No, but there is a reason I recommend them, and it’s not because they give me a commission. They don’t. I’ve worked with these vendors for hundreds of weddings. I’ve worked with lots of vendors and choose not to work with some, simply because we do not flow well together. My recommended vendors and I have a wonderful working relationship, and I can depend on them to get their jobs done to the best of their abilities. I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t think they would do a great job.

   Q7. Should we have a rehearsal?

   A7. I usually say no to this question. It’s so much easier for me to put everyone in order right before they walk down the aisle. If you feel that it’s needed, let me know and I will help you, but it’s a really simple process.

   Q8. What is the average cost of a wedding in St. Thomas?

   A8. The average cost of a wedding in St. Thomas is about $15,000. That includes that ceremony and reception for 30-40 people. That said, I’ve planned weddings with a budget of over $100,000 and I’ve planned weddings with a budget of less than $1,000. Let me (or your St. Thomas Wedding Coordinator) know what your budget is and I can tell you what can be done within that number.

   Q9. What is the most convenient form of communication for you?

   A9. I prefer email. It’s easiest because everything is written and both parties have access to it. I do take phone calls and text messages, however.

Let me know if you have questions in the comments and I will answer them for you! Talk to you soon!

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