Including friends and family in your wedding day planning

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding-Including Your Family in the Wedding

There are approximately 458,225,562 jobs when planning your wedding. Some very small, some big, but all equally important to pull your big day together. This blog will focus on including
your family in the wedding.

Including friends and family in your wedding day planning

Of course, you have your usual Wedding Party jobs. And you have your wedding party roles. But this is for those extra people who you want to include, but if you added them to the wedding party, you’d have 67 people on each side!

5 Ways of Including your Family in the Wedding
  1. Sand Ceremony- A sand ceremony is a great way to include and bring together both sides of friends and family. You can do 2 colors or all the colors!
  2. Readings- Have a special poem or Bible verse that you want read? Give the job to one of your friends or family!
  3. Helping with Wedding Jobs- Need bags assembled? Help with favors being put together? Other DIY projects? Have someone close help you!
  4. Get Ready With Them- Invite them to get ready where you’re getting ready. This will definitely make them feel special!
  5. Greeter- This is a great job for one of your friends or family members that is a people person. This is also a great person to have by your guestbook to be sure that everyone signs.
  6. Give out Programs- Have someone give out the programs as people are being seated.

These are just a few ideas; there are plenty more out there, but it’s totally important to include those that are close to you in your big day!

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