Airbrush makeup trial

Classic Makeup Vs. Airbrush Makeup

As most of you know, I recently had my hair and makeup trial. It was a great experience, which I recommend every bride do prior to her wedding. As I covered in the blog linked above, it’s a good idea to do it when you do your engagement photos, which is what I did. Today, I will cover the makeup portion a bit more detailed. When planning for your trial, you’ll have to ask yourself, “Should I do airbrush makeup or regular makeup?” I’ll help you answer that question.

Airbrush makeup trial
Photo by JeT’Aime of Sugar and Spice
Airbrush Makeup:

Airbrush makeup is applied with a small air compressor for your foundation. It is not as thick or heavy as classic makeup, so as to allow it to pass through the compressor. Although it’s not as thick, it still covers as well.

Classic Makeup:

Classic makeup is most likely what you use during your daily routine. It’s a thicker foundation, usually applied with a sponge or a brush. Since classic makeup is more popular than airbrush, you’ll find that there are more products available on the market.

My Makeup Trial:

For my trial, and on my wedding day, I chose airbrush makeup over classic makeup. Here’s why:

  • It’s light- Classic makeup is so much heavier than airbrush. When I’m having my wedding, I don’t want to feel like my face and pores are suffocating. My skin can still breathe with airbrush makeup.
  • It’s flawless- It covers EVERYTHING. When I look back at photos, I can see a huge difference. You can achieve this flawless look with classic makeup, but again, it’s heavy and thick, and could become cakey.
  • It’s poreless- You know how you see models on TV and think how perfect their skin looks? This is how my skin looked when I did my airbrush makeup trial. I’ll be the first to tell you that my skin isn’t poreless OR flawless. Secret: I have a pretty decent amount of acne around my chin.
  • St. Thomas weddings are hot, so it’s best that I wear something lighter.

Check out the pictures! Airbrush makeup isn’t right for everyone, but I would recommend it for my St. Thomas brides. If you’re still not sure, have a trial and see which you like the best!

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