hair and makeup trial for my engagement session

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding- My Hair and Makeup Trial

As you’ve probably read, I recently had my engagement shoot (Link to Engagement shoot blog). Prior to the shoot, I had my hair and makeup trial. I learned a lot while actually being a bride for once.

Hair and Makeup Trial

Reasons you should have a hair and makeup trial
  1. It is nice to get pampered a bit during the wedding planning process.
  2. It helps you understand what your hair and makeup are going to do on the day of your wedding.
  3. It will help you decide how you want your hair and makeup.
  4. You get to hang out with your artist(s) and get to know them a bit before the big day.
  5. You can see how it will be photographed.

I had my hair and makeup done by Sugar and Spice Salon and Spa. I love going into that place. I always feel so welcome. I’m so glamorous. Plus, they give you mimosas while you’re getting pampered, which only makes you feel even more like a princess.

For my hair, I had always envisioned it being down for the wedding. I wear my hair down about 95% of the time and it’s also the only thing that Tim requested for the wedding, so I should oblige. I wanted to go with beachy waves. My hair is as straight as naturally possible. Getting curls or waves to stay is a problem. That’s the biggest reason why I needed to do a trial; I needed to see how the waves held up and make sure that my stylist understood my hair. I was not disappointed. She knew exactly what tool to use and knew what my hair would do.

hair and makeup trial for my engagement session

For my makeup, it was a lot more important for the trial. I’ve never had anyone else do my makeup. I do my own makeup, so I needed to see how this would work. I had to choose between classic and airbrush. I chose airbrush. I’ll outline the difference in a different blog, but basically, airbrush looks more flawless and lasts longer in the heat.

I wasn’t disappointed in my makeup either. It was great! Tim thought I looked amazing. I felt like a bride.

Hair and makeup trial for my engagement shoot

The moral to the story is to do a hair and makeup trial prior to the wedding day. It’s important to see how you will look and feel for one of the most important days of your life.

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