The Wedding Cake

A Wedding Planner’s Wedding- The Wedding Cake

Hello, and welcome to my blog about my planning experience! This week, we’re going to talk about the wedding cake. What am I thinking for my wedding cake? What are some alternate ideas if you don’t want a wedding cake? Plan your cake/dessert ideas here today! Also, expect some dessert pics from some of my previous St. Thomas weddings just to make you hungry!

My fiance and I aren’t huge cake eaters–in fact, we’re not big on eating desserts at all. So, when planning what we would have for our dessert on our wedding day, we were stuck. There are lots of amazing ideas out there–see donuts walls, candy bars, cupcake towers, etc., etc., etc.

Wedding Cake
A “Decorate Your Own Cupcake” Bar

For our cake, we will have a tiny cake on the top–likely a 4 incher–and then we’ll have a stand with tiers filled with some of our favorite treats. While I would like to have tiny bowls of mac-n-cheese and spaghetti, Tim won’t allow that, so I’ll go a tiny bit more traditional with some desserts we’ll want after winding down our wedding day with our closest friends and family.

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Sand Castle by Island Sweet Stuff
Wedding Cake
Cupcake Tower by VI Desserts

Tim loves mango and I love chocolate. We will translate that to tiny fruity pies and tiny cups of flavored mousses. We aren’t like any other couple and we want that to be known on our wedding day.

I’m still working with my baker to see how we can bring out my color scheme and theme into the mini desserts, but I feel sure VI Desserts can figure it out! She’s so talented and creative when she’s given the chance.

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake by VI Desserts
10 Alternative Ideas to Do Instead of Wedding Cake:
  1. Candy Bar
  2. Cupcake Tower
  3. Donut Wall
  4. Cheese Cake
  5. Pies
  6. Truffles
  7. Cake Pops
  8. Pie Pops
  9. Rice Krispy Treats
  10. Cookie Cake
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cheese Cake

The only limit is your imagination. Think of the dessert that you and your significant other love the most, then decide what kind of dessert you should have at your wedding.


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