Wedding in St John

Post-Hurricane Francis Bay Wedding in St John

In June of 2017, I was contacted by Katie and Scott. These guys were engaged and ready to start planning their wedding in St John. I don’t do a lot of weddings in St John, but it’s so rewarding. I often say that St John has a Secret Harbour feel and a Lindquist look. It’s the best of both of my favorite St Thomas Weddings venues!

Things are much slower over there, so the brides and grooms that do plan their weddings on that small island tend to be very laidback–even more so than my St Thomas brides! Katie and Scott are no exception. They were right in the middle of planning when not one, but two catastrophic category 5 hurricanes hit the island where they were planning to get married.

This beautiful couple made every single effort to keep their wedding in St John. We had to change so many aspects of their planning. We were changing plans right up until less than a week prior to the wedding and these guys were so great to continue to work with me.

The brides and grooms who were able to keep their weddings with Irie Matrimony will never understand the amount of gratitude that I have for them. It tremendously helped me to get through the crap that was the aftermath of the storms.

Katie and Scott are not disappointed that they chose to keep their wedding in St John. Check out some of my favorite pictures from their wedding below.

Wedding in St John

Wedding in St John

Calligraphy Mirror Wedding in St John

Wedding in St John wedding Ceremony

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