Tipping Wedding Vendors

Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors-How much and When?

Tipping Wedding Vendors:

I often get asked the whos, whats, and hows on tipping wedding vendors. In this post, you’ll learn what is expected and tips on handing out the gratuities. First, you should know that I–nor any of the vendors that I work closely with–never expect a tip or gift. It is always appreciated and well-received, but we never expect it. Either way, we will give you exemplary service. I will go through each vendor and let you know what is customary.

Tipping Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner/Coordinator/Designer: 

Your Wedding Coordinator is with you from the first moment to the last. They are usually there for every aspect of your wedding. They work their butts off to make sure that you’re happy, your vendors show up, your family members are taken care of, and everything in between. That said, they are charging you for that. If you feel that your Wedding Planner has gone above and beyond, a nice gratuity of $50-$500 (dependant on how big or small her duties were) or a small gift is customary.


Your Officiant is the one making this whole shindig legal. If your officiant wasn’t there, you wouldn’t be having a wedding. They are often the most forgotten vendor, but they’re the most important. If you feel that your officiant has done a wonderful job, a gratuity of $50-$100 is usually the customary total.

Hair/Makeup Artist(s):

These guys are incredibly important because they’re bringing out your natural beauty for your wedding photography. This is probably the only vendor that people always remember to tip. When tipping the hair and makeup artists, treat it like you would any day in a normal salon. You should tip them between 15-20% of what your service(s) cost.


The entertainment on your special day is setting the tone for the day. The music, the sound, the silent spaces…These things are all very important for your wedding day. For a musician who plays for the ceremony, a $50-$75 gratuity per musician will suffice. For any other entertainer, 10-15% of their fee is a great tipping strategy.


I’m very passionate about the photography and videography for the wedding. After all–other than your spouse–these photos will be the only thing you can take from your wedding day. If you’re going to give them a gratuity, I recommend tipping them between $50-$100, depending on the size of the event, and the length of time you employed them.

Food and Beverage:

Your servers are like your best friends for the day of your wedding. They’re keeping you fed, they’re giving you drinks, they’re taking care of you! You should treat this like you would a server in a restaurant. 15-20% is always a good guide to go by when tipping your food and beverage people.


If you have transportation, I don’t have to tell you how important they are for your wedding day. They’re getting you to and from the venue(s)! You should tip them around 10-15%.

Three Guidelines on Tipping Wedding Vendors:
  1. Always tip when the vendor is finished with his or her service.
  2. Put someone else in charge of it. This is an important job. Give it to your Maid of Honor, Best Man, or Wedding Coordinator.
  3. Have the gratuities ready before the festivities start. Having everything in separate envelopes with the vendor’s name will help with organization.

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy your evening. Hiring seasoned professionals in each area will help with stress in the end.


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