Donut Delight: A Morning Wedding Bash with Holes of Happiness in St. Thomas!

Hey Irie Matrimony Squad,

Here is the sweet scoop from last month! We hosted this epic mid-morning wedding at Secret Harbour, and let me tell you, it was awesome. There were donuts, there was a sweet couple, and even a tiny donut enthusiast stealing the spotlight. Check it out!

10 am Bliss by the Sea

So, our couple opted for a 10 am love fest, and it was pure magic. Secret Harbour’s sandy vibes, the gentle waves, and a whole lot of love — it was the perfect recipe for a mid-morning wedding extravaganza.

Donut Tower Drama & Holes of Happiness

Now, let’s talk about the real MVP — the donut tower. Teaming up with a local baking genius, we crafted a tower of dreams with glazed, powdered, and lemon crème donuts. But hold up, that’s not all. We also had the cutest donut holes that stole the show. There was this little one who turned into a donut connoisseur, and the whole scene was pure joy.

Brunch, Mimosas, and Donut Dreams

Fast forward to the Sunset Grille for brunch and mimosas. The vibes were laid-back, the mimosas were flowing, and the donuts were the talk of the town. It was a brunch feast, and those donut holes added an extra sprinkle of sweetness.

Secret Harbour’s Relaxed Charm

Choosing Secret Harbour for a 10 am wedding was a stroke of genius. The beachy vibes, the chilled ceremony, and the fact that we could brunch it up afterward — it all just clicked. Our couple, surrounded by the beauty of St. Thomas, created a memory that’ll last a lifetime.

In a Nutshell: Love, Laughter, and Tiny Donut Fanatics

Our mid-morning wedding was a riot, filled with love, laughter, and donut holes of happiness. Being a wedding planner at moments like these is what dreams are made of. Here’s to the couple, the tiny donut enthusiast, and to crafting weddings that are as unique and fun as the love they celebrate.

Cheers to love, donuts, and all the sweet moments at Irie Matrimony!

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