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Fun Dessert Bars to Present at Your St. Thomas Wedding Reception

Ahh dessert bars! How could you not love them? Cakes, cookies, donuts, pies; there are certainly an array of sweet treats that have the potential to please the taste buds of all of your wedding guests. And, seeing as not everyone likes wedding cake, you should certainly consider presenting another delectable option to your guests.

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Are you aware of some of the tasty dessert bars that you could showcase at your own wedding?

We believe that everyone should get a sweet bite to eat on your wedding day! That’s why, here at Irie Matrimony Weddings + Events, we have gathered some fun dessert bars that you could choose to highlight on your own big day. If you are all set to learn what they are, read on for some delicious inspiration:

  • S’mores Bar. You can add some nostalgic flair to your big day by creating a s’mores bar! Present an open flame, whether it be propane or a bonfire among the beach, and let your guests toast away. Then, highlight the traditional chocolate and graham crackers to create some ooey gooey treats. However, you will certainly want to go the extra mile with some festive toppings! Consider different chocolates, such as white and milk, along with sprinkles and even bacon! Your guests will certainly love indulging in your s’mores bar.
  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar. With an array of different flavors and toppings, you have the opportunity to create an extravagant ice cream sundae bar for your nuptials! Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry; the opportunities are nearly endless for how many ice cream flavors you can present. And, let’s not forget the hot fudge sauce, caramel, sprinkles, candies…everyone’s taste buds will certainly be pleased!
  • Candy Bar. Not only will a candy bar excite your wedding guests, but it also poses as the perfect wedding favor, as they can fill up some goodie bags to take home with them! The great thing about candy is you have a great variety to showcase. Hard candies, chocolate covered goodies, melt in your mouth caramels; you can certainly discover an array of options that guests of all ages will enjoy.

By presenting a scrumptious dessert bar at your wedding, you can ensure that everyone will get a sweet treat that they will enjoy! These are just a few that you can choose to highlight at your own celebration.

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If you are ready to continue planning your nuptials with a St. Thomas wedding planner, please contact us here at Irie Matrimony Weddings + Events. As a wedding planner in St. Thomas, we would be more than thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of your once in a lifetime event.


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