Behind Scenes Ceremony

Behind The Scenes at Irie Matrimony

Good day! I wanted to write a post about what you can expect on any given day–behind the scenes–at Irie Matrimony! I often wonder how my favorite shows (Friends, Big Brother, Royal Pains–to name a few) come together. Also, I find myself wondering what the chefs in the kitchen are doing to make my favorite meals at my favorite restaurants. This post will give you an exclusive inside look to what you can catch me doing any given day.

My job–glamorous as it may look–isn’t so pretty all the time! For the most part, you can find me on the computer!

I generally take Sundays and Mondays off. Tuesday is my Monday. Saturdays tend to be a favorite for weddings, so I have to work that day. I’m okay with it, because when you are all complaining about Mondays, I’m off!

Early Tuesday morning–and when I say morning, I probably mean 10AM–I am up and at ’em planning your big day!

Behind the Scenes

I’m usually answering questions, taking meetings, making changes to your wedding, social media marketing, writing blogs, or answering phone calls to prospective brides and grooms. This is about 90% of my job. See? Not as glamorous as you thought!

During weddings, it’s much more fast-paced. I love wedding days. I go into each one with anxious excitement that I get to help one more St. Thomas bride and/or groom have their dream St. Thomas wedding.

This picture below by one of my great friends and photographer, Sage Hammond of Crown Images, is probably my favorite wedding photo. It shows the work of every single vendor involved in this ceremony. Your vendors are very hard workers and this photo shows us at the most important part of our day.

Behind Scenes Ceremony

My most proud moment is that moment that the bride/groom starts her/his journey down the aisle to meet their soon-to-be spouse. You can bet that there were problems leading up to this moment, but this is the moment it all pays off. And this is usually my view–where I stand and wait–while the ceremony is happening. This is why I do my job.

We all have bad days, but the day that you’ve found something that you love to do and you are good at it and can get paid for it, that’s a good day. Make your own happiness!

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